How i Friend Code Works

Simplicity is our Goal

We have created iFriendCode with one thing in mind. Keeping Stuff simple. We have taken all the actions needed in order for the system to do all the work for you. If you can spot any improvements that help our site become more user friendly, please do contact us from our contact form.

So, let’s take a tour on the steps needed to be made to take full advantage of our site!


Registration screenshotRegistration is dead simple. On the registration screen you have to simply fill all the blanks with your information.

What you will choose for username won’t have anything to do with the character name on your games. You can put whatever you like (no cursing please! :P). Your e-mail will have to be a real and working one since you will have to verify it on the next stage of registration.

Fill in the blanks and complete the registration.

For the next step you will have to open your email and look for an email from us. Beware! It might go to your spam folder so please do check that too. If it’s there, please click mark as not spam and then click on the link inside the email.

Registration successfully completed!

First Login and adding your Friend Codes

Login form screenshotWhen registration finishes, you are ready to go! Navigate to our main page and then fill your information on the box.

Now you will be presented with the screen to enter the Friend codes of the games you play!

There, under each game you play (you don’t have to full all boxes, its not an exam :) ) add your friend code. Then at the end hit save. You’re Done!

Adding Friend Codes to your iPod / iPhone

Now comes the easy part. You’ve come to the step that is the essence of iFriendCode! Navigate to the main page while being logged in and select the game that you want to add friends to.

You don’t want to click on the game banner without wanting to add friend codes for that game, because when you click on it, you will see a code that you will not be able to see again!

You are presented with friend codes and when you add one, click next and you’ll see another one! When you’re done, you can choose another game that you play to find codes. If in any case the site doesn’t have any more codes to show you for a specific game, give it some time and more people will register and add their code.

That’s why helping us spread the word for the site can benefit you too!
Invite your Friends now!

That’s it, hope you found it useful. If you have more questions please contact us with the contact form. Thanks!