Welcome to i Friend Codes
iPhone / iPod Game friend invites at your fingertips

We are thrilled to have finally unveiled i Friend Codes a website where you can quickly and easily find and add friends on the most popular iPhone and iPod games.

So what is i Friend Codes all about?

iFriendCode allows you to:

  • Quickly find and add friends for your favorite iPhone games (more than 20 are supported)
  • Add, track and manage multiple games with your user account
  • Add ALL of your iPhone game codes, all at once, with a single click!

And if that wasn’t already enough…

With iFriends Code you can:

  • Add friend codes without ever seeing a duplicate entry. All codes are unique
  • Search for friends by game
  • Receive email updates when new games are added to i Friend Code

And last but not least, when you add a friend using one of our Game Friend Codes, you are automatically removed from the list of codes that your new friend will see.

If somebody adds you using iFriendCode.com you can also be sure that you won’t see that persons friend code as being an available friend to add for your game.

What this really means is that we have a great system which works hard to show you only friend codes which are genuine and above all unique!

The games currently supported are presented below:

Pets Live Team Codes new! Epic Chef Wars Chef Codes new! Epic Crime Wars Gangster Codes new!
Live Poker Friend Codes new! CrimeCraft Kingpin Player IDs new! Origins of Mafia Family Codes new!
Urban War Dog Tags new! Farm Live Neighbor Codes new! Mafia Live Family Codes
World War Alliance Codes Epic Pet Wars Friend Codes Racing Live Crew Codes
Vampires Live Clan Codes Mafia Wars Player IDs Undead Live Court Codes
Rockstars Live Band Codes Vampires Bloodlust Player IDs iMobsters Mob Codes
Kingdoms Live Army Codes iVampires Friend Codes Epic Soldier Wars Friend Code / Battalions
iMob Online Friend Codes Girl Wars Online Friend Codes iKnights Online Friend Codes
Mafia R/R Friend Codes Agency Wars Friend Codes Dungeon Quest Player IDs
WarLords FriendCodes m:Mafia Player ID / Crews Dragon Masters Clan Numbers
Zombies Live Horde Codes Jet Fighters Friend Codes Engines of War Command Codes
Ninjas Live Clan Codes m:Vampire Player IDs Gunshock Racing Gang Codes
Race or Die Friend Codes Turf Wars Online Mob Codes High School Life Student IDs
Street Racing Player IDs

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